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Probate and Estate Administration

Many times, the person named as Personal Representative (Executor) or Trustee by a deceased family member or close friend needs assistance in performing their duties.  The attorneys at Burke Law Group will tailor their legal services to provide the level of support and guidance that is desired and needed.  This can greatly hold down the legal fees.

We understand that administering an estate, or acting as a Trustee, after a loved one passes can be a very stressful and difficult time for many people.  This is a legal process which is foreign to most people.  Burke Law Group’s attorneys can provide you with the help to lift that burden from your shoulders to the extent that you so desire.  Typically, this is paid for by the estate, and not personally by the person whom we are assisting.

Probate is the court-supervised process used to distribute the estate of the deceased. The probate process consists of:  

  • Filing a petition with the court to appoint a personal representative
  • paying off debts
  • distributing assets
  • filing an inventory of the estate
  • closing the probate.  

How lengthy the probate process can be is dependent upon the type and size of the estate’s assets, how well the estate planning was performed, and whether any of the heirs choose to challenge the deceased person’s expressed wishes contained in the Will, Trust, or other estate planning alternatives.  Likewise, the costs can vary widely. A Probate with no hiccups can take about four to six months. A Probate with problems or contentions can take even longer. Appropriate Estate Planning can minimize or eliminate the problems that friends and family may otherwise experience as the Probate process is performed.  However, if a Probate is necessary our office can guide you each step of the way and help make an unfortunate situation a little less difficult.

Some estates can be administered by utilizing the Small Estate Affidavit procedure. For this process, the estate must be valued at less than $100,000.00, must not consist of real property, and forty days has passed since the date of death. This is a simple process that we can help you with at very low cost to the Estate.

Call Burke Law Group today for a free no-cost no-obligation consultation on how we can assist you in your duties as Personal Representative or Trustee.

Meet Our Attorneys

Dena Allen

Principal / Member of the Firm, practicing in Family Law Litigation, Collaborative Law Divorce, Cooperative Divorce, Adoptions, Estate Planning, and Probate

John Burke

Of Counsel, practicing in Collaborative Law for Divorce, Uncontested Divorce and Estate Planning. On medical leave.

Matthew Fischer

Principal / Managing Member of the Firm, practicing in all areas of Family Law Litigation, Divorce and Uncontested Divorce. Also serves as a Spokane County Superior Court Pro Tem Commissioner

Cathy Helman

Associate Attorney, practicing in Appeals, Probate, Estate Planning, Family Law, and Bankruptcy. Also is an Administrative Law Judge Pro Tem with the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Joseph Linehan

Of Counsel, practicing in Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) appeals, Family Law Litigation, Divorce, and Dependency. Also serves as a Spokane County Superior Court Pro Tem Commissioner

Robin Schmahl

Senior Associate Attorney, practicing in Family Law Litigation, Uncontested Divorce, Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianship

Rhylee Smith

Associate Attorney, admitted to practice in Washington and Idaho, practicing in all aspects of Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Support, and Modifications to Existing Orders

Kenneth Zigler, Jr.

Of Counsel, practicing in Family Law Litigation, Divorce, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and SSI benefits, and Lawsuits and Disputes including Personal Injury

Joanna Stranger

Rule 9 Intern, practicing in Family Law and Divorce