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Practice Areas


Traditional Family Law Litigation


Family law includes the full spectrum of law related to adult relationships and children: divorce, legal separation, live-in relationship, parenting plan, spousal and child support, adoption, third party custody, guardianship, prenuptial agreement, and other similar legal actions.  Some people try to "do it themselves" in this most important and sensitive area of law.  Unfortunately, this can result in some heartbreaking results.  The caring and experienced attorneys at Burke Law Group will give you the strong and thorough representation to resolve the issues, be it through the Court hearings or trial, mediation, collaborative law, or simply to give you limited legal service that targets only what you desire of your attorney.  We have done it all, and can ensure that you we will put forth our full effort to provide you with the best possible results given the facts of your case.

Collaborative Law Divorce

Collaborative Law (also called Collaborative Divorce or Collaborative Practice) is the way to resolve disputes with respect and privacy, utilizing a non-adversarial process.  Most people want to avoid the public "Divorce Wars."  Often, the only thing that the parties agree about is that they do not want to go to court, with the stress, humiliation, accusations, public disclosure, and costs that can accompany court litigation. Collaborative Divorce is a specific process that focuses on the needs and interests of the parties, and permits each person to maintain responsibility and authority for their actions and decisions. The objective of Collaborative Divorce is to stay out of the courtroom, and come to a mutually agreeable resolution without the negatives that can accompany litigation through the courts.  When using the Collaborative Law process, both parties are represented by collaboratively trained attorneys, but they agree not to go to court.  Instead, the parties rely on their attorneys to work with them and each other to arrive at a settlement that addresses the future underlying interests of each party.


Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Long-Term Care Qualification, Probate


Estate Planning encompasses Wills, Power of Attorney, Trusts, community property issues, retirement planning, end-of-life directives, government agency assistance programs, guardianship, and other similar areas. Many law firms target their services towards the high net worth individual, and structure their fee rates accordingly.  Burke Law Group focuses its estate planning practice on small and medium sized estates up to about $3 million dollars, in an effort to cost effectively bring these important estate and personal care planning services to the those who persons who are not the top few percent of the population.   The Will software packages available on online or at retail outlets are very basic, and do not provide the comprehensive estate planning that considers various multitude of legal strategies that can be utilized to protect your assets for both your retirement and your eventual heirs.


Disability and Injury Claims


Everyone is susceptible to a disability through injury or illness.  The focus of Burke Law Group is on assisting out clients with social security disability income (SSDI), supplemental security income (SSI), workers compensation, and Veterans service-connected disability claims.  Making a claim for benefits in these areas can be intimidating, and unless done absolutely correctly with specific and fully supporting medical documentation, can result in a rejected claims for a disability or injury that should have been approved.  This is a very technical area of practice, requiring not only a comprehensive understanding of the applicable benefit law and procedures, but also of the medical terms, diagnoses and related treatments and prognoses.  If you are contemplating making a claim, or have had a claim rejected, one of Burke Law Group's experienced attorneys can help you receive the benefit to which you are entitled.  Contact us today!



Meet Our Attorneys

Dena Allen

Principal / Member of the Firm, practicing in Family Law Litigation, Collaborative Law Divorce, Cooperative Divorce, Adoptions, Estate Planning, and Probate

Sarah Brandon

Associate Attorney, admitted to practice in Washington and Idaho, practicing in all aspects of Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Support, and Modifications to Existing Family Law Orders

Matthew Fischer

Principal / Managing Member of the Firm, practicing in all areas of Family Law Litigation, Divorce and Uncontested Divorce. Also serves as a Spokane County Superior Court Pro Tem Commissioner

Joseph Linehan

Of Counsel, practicing in Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) appeals, Family Law Litigation, and Divorce. Also serves as a Spokane County Superior Court Pro Tem Commissioner

Robin Schmahl

Senior Associate Attorney, practicing in Family Law Litigation, Uncontested Divorce, Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianship

Rhylee Smith

Associate Attorney, admitted to practice in Washington and Idaho, practicing in all aspects of Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Support, and Modifications to Existing Orders

Joanna Puryear

Rule 9 Intern, practicing in Family Law and Divorce